25 November 2013

outfit post: shades of blue


Zara chambray shirt;  Bardot boyfriend jeans;  Zara mid-heel sandals;  Proenza Schouler PS11 mini;  Jordy Askill heart ring;  Najo silver orbs bracelet (gifted);

Everything looks better in heels.  I used to shy away from wearing boyfriend jeans, knee-length skirts and outfits in general that just made me look a bit frumpy in flats.  I always felt a bit casual at work in my ballet flats and loafers when everyone around me was wearing heels.  Now that I can wear heels again I feel like there are all these different outfits and items of clothing I can wear now, and it's awesome!  

Unfortuately (or should it be fortunately?) I got rid of most of my heels when I was recovering from my surgeries, either because I didn't like them anymore, or I knew that no matter how much better my knee went, my days of sky-high heels and platform shoes were behind me.  So my heel collection is a meagre 3 (consisting of these, my Louboutins and those asymmetrical Zara pointy heels I couldn't bear to part with), are all black and two are a similar style.  Time to go shopping perhaps?

18 November 2013

outfit post: polka dots + leopard print


Sass + Bide 'Torn Apart' polka dot knit;  Zara white flippy skirt;  Zara black + white leopard print loafers;  Proenza Schouler PS11 mini;  Jordy Askill heart ring;

I just can't resist a pink wall.

Meet my new baby! I've lusted after the PS11 forever, and when we got back from the honeymoon my husband said I could buy it if I sold the bag full of clothes I'd culled but hadn't gotten around to putting on eBay. Nothing like a little motivation to get me moving! Now I'm adjusting to using a much smaller bag than I'm used to, I usually carry everything plus the kitchen sink in my bags. At least this is a good way to save my back and shoulders.

I'm really not enjoying these winter-esque temperatures sydney has been having lately, but at least it gives me a chance to wear my favourite winter things without waiting for next season.

This outfits several of my favourite things - polka dots, white and leopard print. All it's missing is some stripes.

14 November 2013

outfit post: lace + stripes


Saba 'Kylie' striped top;  Zara black lace shorts;  Topshop 'Fortunate' white sandals;  
MAC Lady Danger lipstick;

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my wedding post!   I might post our wedding video highlight reel if you're interested?

Anyway, we took these photos last weekend while on a stroll around our neighbourhood.  My bargain sandals are proving to be quite the staple.

So I've been back in the country and back to reality for a couple of weeks now and I'm already starting to get the itch to plan something, to have something to look forward to.  I can never seem to be satisfied unless I'm planning something, whether it be the wedding or a holiday.  So, as it's our plan to travel as much as we can in the next few years before we settle down and do adult things like buy a house and have babies, I've started to plan our next holiday, US in 2014.  It's still a looong way away, and I've been there before, but I just love the excitement of planning a holiday.  I think it's almost as much fun as the trip itself.  Almost.

11 November 2013

our wedding day


It's been a little over a month since our wedding, and it both seems like yesterday and an eternity ago.  It was the most wonderful, stressful, happy and surreal day of my life.

My 3 bridesmaids, baby A and my mum stayed at a little cottage 5 minutes from our venue the night before the wedding.  We had a lovely night, went out for dinner, had a few wines and stayed up til midnight just so we could say I was getting married today.  I had a terrible night sleep and woke up feeling relieved that there was blue skies outside the window despite the weather forecasting rain. My relief was short-lived though, when shortly before the hair and makeup artists arrived at 9am, it started to rain. And then it started to pour.

For the next 5 hours it rained and rained and I got more and more anxious. Our ceremony was in a courtyard, which we absolutely adored. We had a back-up plan but I really didn't want to use it, the courtyard was half the reason we decided to get married at our venue.

I sat in front of the balcony doors while getting my hair and makeup done for the best light and I just stared at the rain, while alternating looking at 4 different weather apps on my phone praying for a miracle. My bridesmaids and mum tried to reassure me and tell me it didn't matter, but I couldn't be cheered up. I knew I was marrying my best friend and the love of my life and I couldn't wait, but I couldn't bear the thought of spending all this time and money planning a wedding and then it not happen how I pictured.

My lovely and amazing hubby sent me goodies throughout the day, starting with a HUGE bouquet of two dozen hot pink roses in a vase, then a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts (I looove Krispy Kremes), and finally, his wedding present to me, a Jordy Askill heart ring, as our wedding had a heart theme <3

Thankfully, mercifully, it stopped raining just as the photographer and videographer arrived. I was finally able to relax and enjoy getting ready, and start feeling excited (and terrified) about what was about to come.


We did a first look, both to ease our nerves and to get some photos in before the ceremony as we wouldn't have much time afterwards. We were going to do it at a location near our venue but due to time and the rain, my husband (I'm going to call him B from now on as it's much easier) came to the cottage and we had our first look there. It was lovely, we're so glad we did it. It was so nice to have a private moment together before it all started.


After that, B left with the boys to go to the venue, and we did a mad scramble to get everything ready to leave ourselves. My mum drove us to the venue, which was about a 30 second drive. Once we got there, things are a bit of a blur. We met my dad, my step-dad, my brothers and various other family members outside the venue, before going inside to the bridal suite and meeting our celebrant and event stylist. The celebrant gave us a bit of a pep-talk, reminding us how to walk and hold our bouquets, before it was time to assemble around the corner from the courtyard and prepare to walk down. Only 8 minutes late, I was proud of myself! I'm perpetually late.

The first strings of Video Games by Lana Del Rey (the song we walked down the aisle to) started to play, and the butterflies started. The girls all walked, and I was left with my dad and step-dad, waiting for the stylist to give me the thumbs up to walk.

My first thought as I rounded the corner was disappointment that the rain had ruined a lot of our decorations. I quickly banished that thought and focussed on B at the end of the aisle. Thankfully it was a short aisle, and I was at the top before I knew it. Handshakes and kisses all round and we took our places.

The ceremony was so lovely, our celebrant told the story of us, spanning the last 10 years. So many laughs and teary moments.


Afterwards was a blur of congratulations, kisses, hugs, and so many smiles my face started to hurt. I barely noticed.


Then it was time for bridal party photos, and for the guests to have drinks and canapes on the balcony. This was one of my favourite parts of the day, having fun with my favourite 7 people. One of the best bits was mis-hearing our photographer's instructions (who had unfortunately lost her voice!) and throwing our bouquets in the air. I'm still not sure what she had actually asked us to do, but oh well. It made for some pretty funny photos.


Then the bridal party left and B and I had a few quick photos by ourselves. This was the point I lost my bouquet forever. I put it down in a bush while we were having some photos (it was really heavy!), and walked back to the venue and completely forgot about it. I didn't even realise until later in the night, but I didn't really care, I was quite disappointed in the flowers so it wasn't much of a loss!


On to the reception! The fun part.  We went back to the bridal suite for a quick champagne with our bridal party before going in for dinner.  I also took off my veil and put on my flower crown, took off my lipstick and put on the much-more-me bright red.

The lolly bar and the photobooth proved to be massive hits, the lollies were demolished before the main course was brought out, and there were guests in the photobooth all night long. I think I spent half the night in it myself. It made for so many hilarious photos and messages in our guestbook. Absolutely worth it. The rest of the night was spent on the dancefloor with my favourite girls in the world, dancing and singing to terrible 90s music while B made the rounds of guest tables.


It didn't hit me until the next morning how fast it had all gone. I know it's terribly cliche and every single bride says it, but I didn't realise what it meant until it was over. The actual day/night didn't so much fly by, but the contrast of spending months and months (and tens of thousands of dollars) on a single 7 hour event just blew my mind. I definitely don't regret it, but the contrast of how long I spent thinking and planning to the length of the actual event was staggering.

Absolutely the best night of my life.

All photos by Trish Lee from Tealily Photography

Our wedding dream team:
Venue: Gunners Barracks, Mosman;  Celebrant: Robyn Pattison;  Photographer: Tealily;  Videographer: The White Tree;  Stylist: Girl Friday Weddings;  DJ/MC: Impressions DJs;  Photobooth: Party Booths;  Hair/makeup: Mel Sundana, Forever Makeup  My dress: Tinaa Innovations;  My belt, flower crown + earrings: Etsy;  My veil: borrowed from my bridesmaid L;  My shoes: Melissa;  Bridesmaid dresses: JenJen House;  B's suit: Saba;  Groomsmen suits: their own;   Stationery, decorations + signs: Etsy + DIY